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Getting Ready For Change!!!

Hello, or should I say… Good Morning Everyone,

It’s currently 1:19am, and I can’t sleep!  I can’t sleep for many different reasons, but to keep this posting brief I’ll get to the point!

I’m ready for change in my life!  I’m ready to do things differently than I’ve ever done them before!  As many of you know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, hoping to obtain different results!  Well I’m done doing the same thing over and over again!  My wife and I have made a commitment to one another to be better than 2010.  2010, was not a horrible year for us, but we want more for our family!  Not just more in a tangible sense (financial freedom, real estate, cars, boats, etc…), but more DISCIPLINE, DEDICATION, FOCUS, CONSISTENCY, and FAITH in God and our own abilities.  We understand the road to achieving these things began with our thoughts, and that’s why we’ve decided to start this BLOG!  We believe sharing our thoughts with the world, will not only create change in the lives around us, but will began to transform our minds to achieve new dimensions in every aspect of our personal lives!  We’re getting mentally focused for the year ahead, and I hope you’ll embark upon this journey of TRUE FREEDOM with us… Take Care and God Bless!!!

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