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Power of Thought’s – Session #1

According to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, the word THOUGHT has several different meanings, of which I found all of them to be very insightful.  Now I know some of you are already saying to yourself, okay bro, your “kinda special” or this guy’s a straight nerd!  And both of your answers would be absolutely correct! 🙂 I love learning new things.  And I believe we don’t take enough time out of our busy lives to actually learn something educational…  Now I don’t mean learning, in terms of what’s happening on our favorite TV shows, or how to break the laws of the land!  I mean, actually picking up a book and reading it!

Hmmm…  Now what in the heck just happened? I’m supposed to be sharing the powerful definition of the word thought, but instead I go off on a tangent… Pray for ya boy, I have issues, and as we’ve learned in the previous paragraph… I’m “kinda special”.  Back to the word THOUGHT, here are the provided definitions:

1.       The action or process of thinking: COGITATION (the capacity to think or reflect)

a.       Serious consideration

2.       Reasoning power

a.       The power to imagine

3.       Something that is thought: as

a.       An individual act or product of thinking

b.      A developed intention or plan

c.       Something in the mind

d.      The intellectual product or the organized views and principles of a period, place, group, or individual

Based on our scripture from yesterday (Proverbs 23:7), the Hebrew translation of the word THINKETH from our text means…

1.       To think

2.       Estimate

3.       Calculate

Now for some of you, I know you’re thinking, okay bro, you’re a bit over the top right now… All I wanted was a few sentences, in and out, and that’s it… 🙂 Well let me assure you, this is as far as I’ll go, in terms of breaking down the word thought… Of course I could go a bit deeper, but I would hate to be the only person reading this forum. 🙂 (There’s a smiley face for ya, be happy!)

Well that’s enough for today. I just wanted to set a foundation for everyone to really digest the word THOUGHT, it’s such a powerful word, and I believe we don’t give enough emphasis to the power of our thoughts.  Before our ears can pick up the decibels of our peer’s voice and the brain decodes the audible noise to help us receive words.  The message began with a thought. Thought can ultimately be the reason, we grow closer or retract from one another, love or strongly dislike one another, have years of peace or years of war, live prosperous or live in poverty.  I’ve heard many wise men and women say that poverty is a mindset, but you can’t have a mindset without thoughts…  God Bless and Take Care

Question of the Day: What are your predominate thoughts?  Here’s a great assignment for today, try to take close inventory of the thoughts that flood your mind, and write them down if you get the chance… I believe it will be a great exercise to learn your thought pattern…  If you feel up to it, tell us what your predominate thoughts where, and if you’re pleased with the outcome…

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