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Power of Thought – Session #4


Many people across the world complain day in and day out, that “if I had this…” or “if I had that…”, “my life would be so much better!”  It’s sad that people have this “lottery mentality”.  God has given us our daily bread, we have everything we need for the day (Matthew 6:25-34), yet we are discontent and feel as if we’re lacking our daily necessities.  You’re alive! What can be more necessary than that!  There are people in other parts of the world who have no clean water to drink and live in camps as temporary holding quarters (Haiti), and all we can think about is how much we don’t have!

“Well if I won the lottery I would be debt free”, or “if I had a better paying job, it would be easy to start paying off my debt…”  Do we really believe this lie from the pit of Hell?  It’s our mindset!  It’s our perception on what we think is necessary to live.  Everyone wants to live a royal and fulfilled life, but you’ll never be fulfilled if all your happiness is stimulated through material possessions!  What ever happen to a fulfilled life being focused around having well behaved and healthy children, or a loving and supportive family, or a growing and thriving Christian community, or spending quality time with good and positive friends?  Why does everything have to be about money? Why does it have to be about your Gucci, Coach, or Louis Vuitton purse?  Or that $20 to $80K car you own (for many of us, the price tag of the car is more than half of your yearly salary)?  I could go on and on, but the focal point is, what is your perception of money? Why do we have it? What is the main reason for money?  Why do you have so much, or so little?

I’m done for today, the Spirit of the Lord is saying, “I’m tired of your wicked ways.  I’m tired of your lack of financial discipline, and I’m tired of your empty prayers, when I’ve already told you in my Word how to overcome your flesh and the spirit of this age…  I require less talking, less spending, and more doing what is right!”

Check out these articles, they’ll say everything you need to know about this “lottery mentality” we have dreamed about for so long, and it’s funny how many people will read these articles and make the classic statement, “That won’t happen to me, I’m a lot smarter than that…” But I can promise you that many people said the same thing before their “blessing” became their biggest nightmare…  God Bless and Take Care…

Assignment of the Day: Check out the articles listed above, write down your thoughts, and share them with us if you feel up to it…

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