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Power of Thoughts – Session #6

Good morning everyone, continuing from yesterday’s message…

When your thoughts began to flow strongly in one direction, it begins to affect your mood, and it even brings forth strong emotions and physical stimulation’s beyond your imagination.  You begin to see your thoughts vividly during the day, and in your dreams.  Your thoughts become so bias that, God has no choice but to deliver your blessings (Mark 11:24)!  See, many of us perform lip service unto God, saying that we believe, but our thoughts are so far from the truth its ridiculous… But when you really get affixed to the things you want, the things you desire (as long as it’s within the context of biblical principles), they ooze through your speech, mannerisms, and body language.  A prosperous person attracts prosperity, and the people around these types of individuals feel as if they’re larger than life!  I always wondered why so many African Americans would go through the persecutions of the Civil Rights Movement.  But now I understand great men like Dr. Martin Luther King, had a definiteness of purpose, and made his commands of God known to the world.  I can imagine being amongst a crowd of strangers with a common aim, hearing this powerful mans’ voice and feeling his passion with every word spoken.  I would like to believe that his words had enough power to liberate everyone in attendance.  But his words began with thoughts!

When you take the time out to sit down and write out your dreams, aspirations, goals, and God-given purpose, you begin the journey of freedom!  If you read your journal (thoughts) daily, and meditate on the power and feeling behind the words in the journal, you’re well on your way to living a prosperous life!  But the question is how many people really do this task on a daily basis?  Matter of fact, how many people do this at all?  See, we go through life allowing our minds to wander all over the place, giving heed to every wicked and negative thought Satan has to offer. But I challenge you to take control of your mind! I challenge you to dream again, and write down your dreams! I challenge you to pray again, and write down the thoughts that God share with you during your conversations together!  I challenge you to read your Bible again, and write down whatever inspiring thoughts come to mind.  I challenge you to close your eyes (right now! Or after you read this sentence… 🙂 ) and think about what kind of financial future you want for yourself and/or your family!  I challenge you to control your thoughts!  Take care and God Bless!

Question of the Day:  Have you been writing? If not, why not?  If so, keep it up! 🙂

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