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Paradigm Shift #1 – TITHING (Part 1)

Good Morning Everyone,

It’s time to get down to some serious business!  No more philosophical teachings, we’ll talk about that throughout the year…  Tithing is scriptural, systematic, simple, successful, right, and HOLY before God!  I will be mindful of my viewers and not thoroughly lay out all the scriptures on this subject, because this subject is truly a book within itself…  The tithe is considered the first ten percent of your GROSS income (…not the NET!), and should be set aside ahead of time (Deuteronomy 14:22)!  Why the GROSS? Because the tithe should be the first fruits of thy increase, God does not get the second, third, or fourth fruits (taxes, medical, and 401K deductions…) of your increase, God demands and deserves the first fruits of all your increases (Proverbs 3:9).

In Malachi 3:6-12, the passage of scripture starts out discussing the errors of the Children of Israel, and in verse 8, God gets down to business!  Can a man rob God?  Surely not!  We only rob ourselves at the end of the day.  There are so many generational curses because families have robbed God of tithes.  We know this to be true because in verses 10 thru 12, it lays out the blessings that are attached to the tithe, and yet Christians are hurting more and more every year!  So what’s the problem?  God’s Word is true and is forever settled in heaven (Psalms 119:89), and anyone who does not agree, according to the word is a liar (Romans 3:4)!  Therefore we must not be paying our tithes and if we are faithful tithe payers, what are we doing with the money/talents God has given us (Matthew 25:14-30)?  I will be discussing tithes for the next few post, because it is so important that we understand that tithing is mandatory! I’ve heard so many false notions behind tithing, and this misconception is straight from the pits of hell!  For many of you who are not faithful tithe payers, in the back of your mind you know this to be true and you feel the conviction (even as you read this post).  If you haven’t felt the conviction, and maybe things are still going okay in your life, do not be fooled! God will not be mocked, you will reap whatever you sow (Galatians 6:7)!  God can change your circumstances over night, therefore reverence God’s Word, and do not sin against Him (1 John 3:9)!  I’m getting upset even now, when I think about our wicked mindsets, and how we perceive our God-given resources!  I’m going to shut it down today, otherwise, I’ll be writing for multiple pages!  Tithing is the most important paradigm shift that must occur before we begin our journey of financial freedom, and for some, it will lead you to the top right away because no man can beat God’s giving!

We will discuss some common questions and arguments on next week’s post… Take Care and God Bless!

Assignment of the day: Research the matter for yourself… Make sure to use reputable sources, and pray to the Lord for revelation and understanding.  Also, if you’re bold enough, post any questions you would like addressed next week in the comment section below.

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