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Paradigm Shift #1 – TITHING (Part 2)

Here are a few common questions and arguments I’ve been asked in the past regarding the subject of tithing…

1.       Why don’t many Catholic Churches teach tithing?  Honestly I don’t know, I have not perform much research on the Catholic faith, and probably won’t for a while.  I’m still learning about the bible for myself… 🙂  But based on personal conversations with many Catholics, I know that many sects use a different bible interpretation, and some Catholics don’t own Bibles at all, kinda weird in my opinion but to each his or her own.  This is not a Catholic bashing session, far from it, for I love anyone (as a brother or sister in the faith) who acknowledges Jesus Christ as Lord.

2.       Why do I have to tithe on the GROSS and not the net?  This question was answered in last week’s blog, but I’ll reiterate…  The tithe should be the first fruits of thine increase, God does not get the second, third, or fourth (taxes, medical, and 401K deductions…) fruits of your increase, God demands and deserves the first fruits of all your increases (Proverbs 3:9).

3.       Tithing is part of the “Old Testament” and is not required in the “New Testament” because we are not bound by the Law anymore…  I love this argument!  Just love it!  And it’s easy to see where the heart of a man or woman is very quickly based upon this argument…  First of all, I’m not a Pastor or a paid minister (I’m a minister but I do not get paid… 🙂 ).  Therefore, let’s negate the shallow arguments that I have something to gain for making the following statements, I’m about to make…  Tithing is not only tied to The Law, tithing was required by Man centuries before The Law came into place.  Here are your three scripture references Genesis 4:1-5, 14:20-22, and Hebrew 7:1-10. It would truly be a 20+ page essay to break this down, so I’ll layout the major points…  God has always required an “offering” as far back as Adam’s first seed (that’s a sermon in itself…), and though the scriptures don’t fully lay out the percentage given, it was clear that Abel gave a better offering. First of all it was the FIRST of his substance, which again points out that God, wants his portion before “the government”, and our medical and retirement needs.  Second, though the scriptures don’t say it in its entirety, I believe that Abel brought at least a tenth, and this could potentially be the reason why God made it a Law, because it was so pleasing to Him, how Abel sacrificed a tenth of his first fruits.  Now to back up my statement, to ensure it’s not my philosophy, another scripture before the law (Genesis 14:20-22) clearly shows that tithing was the ordinance that pleased God.  As we all know, we’re adopted into Abraham’s inheritance (Galatians 3:6-7); therefore, we’re connected to Abraham, who followed this ordinance before the establishment of the law… How much more should we also continue in this manner!  I could stay on this all day, but we’ll pick it up tomorrow…

Assignment of the Day: Research the matter for yourself… Make sure to use reputable sources, and pray to the Lord for revelation and understanding.  Also, if you’re bold enough, post any questions you would like addressed in the comment section below.

  1. January 10, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    This is beautiful, powerful and resourceful… Cant wait to hear more!

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