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Paradigm Shift #1 – TITHING (Part 4)

Here’s my personal testimony regarding Tithing…  I’ll make it quick and to the point…

Since day one of my walk with God, I have never missed a tithe.  I don’t mention that to be lifted up in the air and placed on a pedestal… I mention it because I can attest to the blessings God has bestowed upon my family and I.  I can also thank God that my family hasn’t dealt with any major sickness or diseases, or major financial issues (unless I put myself in the issue… 🙂 ), and God has always provided our needs.  Other than receiving money from my parents in college, I’ve never had to borrow money from anyone, and my tax business income has literally doubled every single year!  In the year 2010, God blessed my tax business income to double, and my family salaries increased by more than $27,000!  God has more than doubled my family’s income, and it all started with our tithing.  We’ve literally gotten back more than 60% of what we’ve tithed in 2010!  What stock market or investment can do that faithfully year in and year out?  Matter of fact, wasn’t 2010 a recession?  Nobody beats God’s giving! My family is a testimony to this, and I could literally share countless testimonies on how God has blessed my family, and I know that it has all been tied to our faithfulness to tithing and offering (which will be our focus for next week!)…  I hope you join the bandwagon soon if you’re not already on it, because nobody beats God’s giving! God bless and take care

Assignment of the Day: If you’re not currently tithing, I dare you to start!  If you do tithe, I dare you too never stop!

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