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Paradigm Shift #1 – TITHING (Part 4)

January 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Here’s my personal testimony regarding Tithing…  I’ll make it quick and to the point…

Since day one of my walk with God, I have never missed a tithe.  I don’t mention that to be lifted up in the air and placed on a pedestal… I mention it because I can attest to the blessings God has bestowed upon my family and I.  I can also thank God that my family hasn’t dealt with any major sickness or diseases, or major financial issues (unless I put myself in the issue… 🙂 ), and God has always provided our needs.  Other than receiving money from my parents in college, I’ve never had to borrow money from anyone, and my tax business income has literally doubled every single year!  In the year 2010, God blessed my tax business income to double, and my family salaries increased by more than $27,000!  God has more than doubled my family’s income, and it all started with our tithing.  We’ve literally gotten back more than 60% of what we’ve tithed in 2010!  What stock market or investment can do that faithfully year in and year out?  Matter of fact, wasn’t 2010 a recession?  Nobody beats God’s giving! My family is a testimony to this, and I could literally share countless testimonies on how God has blessed my family, and I know that it has all been tied to our faithfulness to tithing and offering (which will be our focus for next week!)…  I hope you join the bandwagon soon if you’re not already on it, because nobody beats God’s giving! God bless and take care

Assignment of the Day: If you’re not currently tithing, I dare you to start!  If you do tithe, I dare you too never stop!


Paradigm Shift #1 – TITHING (Part 4)

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Today and tomorrow’s post will be shorter than usual, but they are both relevant and important postings…

1.       Well, I tithe in the way I want to (give to the poor, sponsor kids in third world countries, provide for siblings that have lack, etc…), and I believe that is good enough!  Again, let’s go back to Malachi 3:10.  There are many scriptures in the Old Testament and New Testament that drives home the point that tithes and offerings are meant for the church (“with a physical address”), but we have enough contexts here to draw a solid conclusion.  God admonishes that we bring the tithe so there might be “meat” (substance), in my “house” (House of the Lord “physical address”).  God is a spirit (John 4:24), therefore God has no literal need for our “substance”, but the priestly office of God’s government (Pastors), must keep the lights on so that we can worship!  They must fund outreach ministry, pay the mortgage, pay for media, pay for evangelism advertisement, fund different auxiliaries within the church, build up the benevolence fund for families that are financial destitute, pay all utilities, pay for internet, pay for insurance, etc… These things don’t just appear out of thin air, the people of God must keep the ministry going.  As the ministry builds new churches and facilities to positively impact the community (schools, day cares, senior citizen homes, etc…), it takes our hard earned money to get this done… I pray for the day when the Church would get back to tithing correctly and giving to the Kingdom of God, to the point that the ministry has to turn away the offerings, because it’s overwhelming (Exodus 36:5-6)!  We must get back to the place where we’re sowing into the ministry God has placed us under…  And no one can say that God has not called them to serve within the body (Hebrews 10:25), and the number of so called “bible study groups” that won’t submit to a Pastor are really getting out of hand, if God called you to be a Pastor be a Pastor, but all the rebellion because the Church isn’t perfect, has to stop! You’re not perfect, I’m not perfect, only Jesus Christ is perfect, therefore let’s strive together and stop all this separation non-sense.  Plus, every Pastor that I know, has another Pastor (Spiritual Father) that they’re accountable to, so if the title of Pastor isn’t enough to “do your own thing”, then what gives us the idea that we don’t have to be submissive to the man of God?  Stop focusing on what other people are doing, and focus on what God mandates that you do!  If your Pastor has been exposed for his lack of integrity when it comes to God’s money, then pray and ask God if your under the right spiritual covering, but don’t be shallow and label the church as heathens or money hoarders…

For the record, there’s nothing wrong with giving to the causes mentioned above (give to the poor, sponsor kids in third world countries, provide for siblings that have lack, etc…), but let’s make sure we are taking care of “God’s House” first…

Okay… I thought today’s post would be shorter, I guess not… 🙂  I’ll try to stick to my word tomorrow…  Take Care and God Bless!

Assignment of the Day: Research the matter for yourself… Make sure to use reputable sources, and pray to the Lord for revelation and understanding.  Also, if you’re bold enough, post any questions you would like addressed in the comment section below.

Paradigm Shift #1 – TITHING (Part 1)

January 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Good Morning Everyone,

It’s time to get down to some serious business!  No more philosophical teachings, we’ll talk about that throughout the year…  Tithing is scriptural, systematic, simple, successful, right, and HOLY before God!  I will be mindful of my viewers and not thoroughly lay out all the scriptures on this subject, because this subject is truly a book within itself…  The tithe is considered the first ten percent of your GROSS income (…not the NET!), and should be set aside ahead of time (Deuteronomy 14:22)!  Why the GROSS? Because the tithe should be the first fruits of thy increase, God does not get the second, third, or fourth fruits (taxes, medical, and 401K deductions…) of your increase, God demands and deserves the first fruits of all your increases (Proverbs 3:9).

In Malachi 3:6-12, the passage of scripture starts out discussing the errors of the Children of Israel, and in verse 8, God gets down to business!  Can a man rob God?  Surely not!  We only rob ourselves at the end of the day.  There are so many generational curses because families have robbed God of tithes.  We know this to be true because in verses 10 thru 12, it lays out the blessings that are attached to the tithe, and yet Christians are hurting more and more every year!  So what’s the problem?  God’s Word is true and is forever settled in heaven (Psalms 119:89), and anyone who does not agree, according to the word is a liar (Romans 3:4)!  Therefore we must not be paying our tithes and if we are faithful tithe payers, what are we doing with the money/talents God has given us (Matthew 25:14-30)?  I will be discussing tithes for the next few post, because it is so important that we understand that tithing is mandatory! I’ve heard so many false notions behind tithing, and this misconception is straight from the pits of hell!  For many of you who are not faithful tithe payers, in the back of your mind you know this to be true and you feel the conviction (even as you read this post).  If you haven’t felt the conviction, and maybe things are still going okay in your life, do not be fooled! God will not be mocked, you will reap whatever you sow (Galatians 6:7)!  God can change your circumstances over night, therefore reverence God’s Word, and do not sin against Him (1 John 3:9)!  I’m getting upset even now, when I think about our wicked mindsets, and how we perceive our God-given resources!  I’m going to shut it down today, otherwise, I’ll be writing for multiple pages!  Tithing is the most important paradigm shift that must occur before we begin our journey of financial freedom, and for some, it will lead you to the top right away because no man can beat God’s giving!

We will discuss some common questions and arguments on next week’s post… Take Care and God Bless!

Assignment of the day: Research the matter for yourself… Make sure to use reputable sources, and pray to the Lord for revelation and understanding.  Also, if you’re bold enough, post any questions you would like addressed next week in the comment section below.

Power of Thought #7

January 6, 2011 2 comments

Here’s a question for you to ponder…  Are your right handed or left handed (Reggie you’re nuts… 🙂 )?  For example, let’s say you’re right-handed.  If I asked you to sign your name 5 times, I’m sure that wouldn’t be an issue, since you’re naturally right-handed, but now I’m asking you to sign your name 5 times with your left hand!  For many people, this will be an issue and for perfectionist, this will be outright frustrating.  But if I asked you to practice signing your name 5 times a day for an entire month with your left hand, the task will become easier and easier every time you attempt to sign your name.

We are conditioned (“right-handed”) to think certain things about money.  And many times, we attempt to make changes (writing with our left hand) to our financial situation through changing our habits, but the difficulty causes us to revert back to “right handed” behaviors…  A powerful book that I would like everyone to buy is The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Classen.  This short read, is very cheap and can be found at your local half price book store, or purchased cheaply on-line.  The book systematically interweaves powerful financial and business truths within its entertaining short stories.  Whether it’s our parents, environment, or national culture, we learned our current financial habits.  For many of us, these habits are bad.  And based on the current financial conditions of our economy, I don’t believe we’re doing that well on a national scale either.  But how do we learn new habits to change our financial conditions?  By “writing with your left hand!”  Please purchase this book right away!  And begin the journey of financial freedom!  Tomorrow we’ll begin attacking your financial thoughts, and begin changing your mindset… Take care and God Bless!

Power of Thoughts – Session #6

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Good morning everyone, continuing from yesterday’s message…

When your thoughts began to flow strongly in one direction, it begins to affect your mood, and it even brings forth strong emotions and physical stimulation’s beyond your imagination.  You begin to see your thoughts vividly during the day, and in your dreams.  Your thoughts become so bias that, God has no choice but to deliver your blessings (Mark 11:24)!  See, many of us perform lip service unto God, saying that we believe, but our thoughts are so far from the truth its ridiculous… But when you really get affixed to the things you want, the things you desire (as long as it’s within the context of biblical principles), they ooze through your speech, mannerisms, and body language.  A prosperous person attracts prosperity, and the people around these types of individuals feel as if they’re larger than life!  I always wondered why so many African Americans would go through the persecutions of the Civil Rights Movement.  But now I understand great men like Dr. Martin Luther King, had a definiteness of purpose, and made his commands of God known to the world.  I can imagine being amongst a crowd of strangers with a common aim, hearing this powerful mans’ voice and feeling his passion with every word spoken.  I would like to believe that his words had enough power to liberate everyone in attendance.  But his words began with thoughts!

When you take the time out to sit down and write out your dreams, aspirations, goals, and God-given purpose, you begin the journey of freedom!  If you read your journal (thoughts) daily, and meditate on the power and feeling behind the words in the journal, you’re well on your way to living a prosperous life!  But the question is how many people really do this task on a daily basis?  Matter of fact, how many people do this at all?  See, we go through life allowing our minds to wander all over the place, giving heed to every wicked and negative thought Satan has to offer. But I challenge you to take control of your mind! I challenge you to dream again, and write down your dreams! I challenge you to pray again, and write down the thoughts that God share with you during your conversations together!  I challenge you to read your Bible again, and write down whatever inspiring thoughts come to mind.  I challenge you to close your eyes (right now! Or after you read this sentence… 🙂 ) and think about what kind of financial future you want for yourself and/or your family!  I challenge you to control your thoughts!  Take care and God Bless!

Question of the Day:  Have you been writing? If not, why not?  If so, keep it up! 🙂

Power of Thought – Session #4

January 3, 2011 Leave a comment


Many people across the world complain day in and day out, that “if I had this…” or “if I had that…”, “my life would be so much better!”  It’s sad that people have this “lottery mentality”.  God has given us our daily bread, we have everything we need for the day (Matthew 6:25-34), yet we are discontent and feel as if we’re lacking our daily necessities.  You’re alive! What can be more necessary than that!  There are people in other parts of the world who have no clean water to drink and live in camps as temporary holding quarters (Haiti), and all we can think about is how much we don’t have!

“Well if I won the lottery I would be debt free”, or “if I had a better paying job, it would be easy to start paying off my debt…”  Do we really believe this lie from the pit of Hell?  It’s our mindset!  It’s our perception on what we think is necessary to live.  Everyone wants to live a royal and fulfilled life, but you’ll never be fulfilled if all your happiness is stimulated through material possessions!  What ever happen to a fulfilled life being focused around having well behaved and healthy children, or a loving and supportive family, or a growing and thriving Christian community, or spending quality time with good and positive friends?  Why does everything have to be about money? Why does it have to be about your Gucci, Coach, or Louis Vuitton purse?  Or that $20 to $80K car you own (for many of us, the price tag of the car is more than half of your yearly salary)?  I could go on and on, but the focal point is, what is your perception of money? Why do we have it? What is the main reason for money?  Why do you have so much, or so little?

I’m done for today, the Spirit of the Lord is saying, “I’m tired of your wicked ways.  I’m tired of your lack of financial discipline, and I’m tired of your empty prayers, when I’ve already told you in my Word how to overcome your flesh and the spirit of this age…  I require less talking, less spending, and more doing what is right!”

Check out these articles, they’ll say everything you need to know about this “lottery mentality” we have dreamed about for so long, and it’s funny how many people will read these articles and make the classic statement, “That won’t happen to me, I’m a lot smarter than that…” But I can promise you that many people said the same thing before their “blessing” became their biggest nightmare…  God Bless and Take Care…

Assignment of the Day: Check out the articles listed above, write down your thoughts, and share them with us if you feel up to it…

Power of Thoughts – Session #3

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Good morning everyone,

I know I said we would start on words today, but I feel that God wants to stay on the subject of thoughts for a little while longer…

So what are your thoughts about money?  And where should we gather our advice about money?  Do our current thoughts about money line up with the word of God?  Do you even care?  Are you from the school of thought that says, “Tomorrow’s not promised, therefore I’m going to enjoy today, and sweep today’s bad decisions under the rug”?  These are just a few questions I would like for you to ask yourself, and WRITE them down.  Matter of fact, I recommend you always keep two books on you at all times: 1) The book you’re currently reading, and 2)  a journal to capture every powerful thought that comes to you throughout the day!  I learned this from a great author, philosopher, and motivational speaker by the name of Jim Rohn.

If you want to start living a financially victorious life, then WRITE down your thoughts and feelings about money.  I provided you a few questions, but as your subconscious begins to unveil your core values, you will soon find out what kind of principles and values, you have lived by over your adult life.  “But my mind won’t shut off, and I’m tired of writing”, DON’T stop writing!  You’ve neglected your mind for way too long!  And now it wants to express itself vividly. “Well I can’t think of anything to write”, then you did not follow my initial instructions.  Ask yourself a series of questions regarding your finances and begin to WRITE!  We spend hundreds of dollars on materials, to learn how to change our financial habits, when the first battle has nothing to do with our wallet! It has everything to do with our mind! Today is all about writing! My words and my thoughts don’t matter today, yours do…

Here’s a series of additional questions you can ask yourself, and hopefully your subconscious will begin to open up to you, and more personalized (individually tailored) questions and statements will begin to flow from you:

  • How did you first learn about money? Who taught you during this first experience?
  • Looking in retrospect, was it good advice?  Are you still following this advice today?
  • How do your five closest associates perceive and handle money?  Do you handle money in the same manner?
  • Would you want your current financial condition for your children? Are you willing to change?
  • Bonus Questions (My Treat… 🙂 ):  What is the purpose behind the game of monopoly?  Do you own a “business” or do you own a “job”?  Do you own the light company or do you work for the light company?  Are you tired of being financially stretched?  Are you sure that you’re really tired?

Assignment of the Day: Please perform this exercise!  I’m a firm believer that our answers lie within us, and that no one (but God) can tell you exactly how to live your life, but we can guide you in the right direction… 🙂

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