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Happy MLK Day!!!

January 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!!! Unfortunately I have to work today, but that’s fine… 🙂
Please take time to reflect and/or research the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. He was such an inspiration and powerful leader, a man of vision! If you’re serious about living a powerful and fulfilling life, take control of your life today! This week we’ll be talking about the power of offering…

Assignment of the Day: What is your “dream”? What do you want out of life? WRITE IT DOWN! And start making the effort to change your life! WRITE IT DOWN and start making a plan of action… Contact me if you’d like to learn how to lay out a plan of action…

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Power of Thoughts – Session #3

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Good morning everyone,

I know I said we would start on words today, but I feel that God wants to stay on the subject of thoughts for a little while longer…

So what are your thoughts about money?  And where should we gather our advice about money?  Do our current thoughts about money line up with the word of God?  Do you even care?  Are you from the school of thought that says, “Tomorrow’s not promised, therefore I’m going to enjoy today, and sweep today’s bad decisions under the rug”?  These are just a few questions I would like for you to ask yourself, and WRITE them down.  Matter of fact, I recommend you always keep two books on you at all times: 1) The book you’re currently reading, and 2)  a journal to capture every powerful thought that comes to you throughout the day!  I learned this from a great author, philosopher, and motivational speaker by the name of Jim Rohn.

If you want to start living a financially victorious life, then WRITE down your thoughts and feelings about money.  I provided you a few questions, but as your subconscious begins to unveil your core values, you will soon find out what kind of principles and values, you have lived by over your adult life.  “But my mind won’t shut off, and I’m tired of writing”, DON’T stop writing!  You’ve neglected your mind for way too long!  And now it wants to express itself vividly. “Well I can’t think of anything to write”, then you did not follow my initial instructions.  Ask yourself a series of questions regarding your finances and begin to WRITE!  We spend hundreds of dollars on materials, to learn how to change our financial habits, when the first battle has nothing to do with our wallet! It has everything to do with our mind! Today is all about writing! My words and my thoughts don’t matter today, yours do…

Here’s a series of additional questions you can ask yourself, and hopefully your subconscious will begin to open up to you, and more personalized (individually tailored) questions and statements will begin to flow from you:

  • How did you first learn about money? Who taught you during this first experience?
  • Looking in retrospect, was it good advice?  Are you still following this advice today?
  • How do your five closest associates perceive and handle money?  Do you handle money in the same manner?
  • Would you want your current financial condition for your children? Are you willing to change?
  • Bonus Questions (My Treat… 🙂 ):  What is the purpose behind the game of monopoly?  Do you own a “business” or do you own a “job”?  Do you own the light company or do you work for the light company?  Are you tired of being financially stretched?  Are you sure that you’re really tired?

Assignment of the Day: Please perform this exercise!  I’m a firm believer that our answers lie within us, and that no one (but God) can tell you exactly how to live your life, but we can guide you in the right direction… 🙂

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