Our Purpose…

We have given much thought to the purpose of this forum, and the only concrete answer we’ve been able to come up with is…  We are serving the needs of mankind through sharing our limited knowledge and experiences in regards to helping families financially prosper.  We do not claim to have ALL the answers to everyone’s financial issues, but if we can help ONE family free themselves from financial bondage, this forum has served its purpose, and we believe the heavens will rejoice (Luke 15:7).

Many people may believe the scripture reference above is a bit extreme…  Are we saying that your finances have a direct correlation with your Salvation?  Our answer to this question is yes and no.  According to scripture, man cannot serve God and Money (Matthew 6:24).  Therefore if we have allowed money to be our main focus in life, we must take a serious look at the potential spiritual repercussions that come along with this life long pursuit of material possessions.  If our case is not so extreme, we must learn how to manage money, so that it does not manage our lives…

We are not here to just fatten your natural wallets, but we believe God has given us the ability to increase your spiritual bank accounts as well…

Not only did we come to preach the financial biblical truths of scripture, but we have also come to learn from EVERY individual who takes the time out of their important schedule, to provide words of wisdom regarding any and all spiritual and/or financial matters.  We look forward to growing with you on this journey of financial freedom…  God Bess You!

– Reginald and Charity Reid

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